Starting the year off right

I’ve been busy this year trying out different things that would force me to continue writing. Other than my work on Helium, I’ve been writing blog entries for my blog here. I did some work on my (myspace page) today. These pages have been a great help in that area. I invite you to check any or all of them and leave comments. Now I’m off to Helium for a little work and, then wordtrip for a little play.



One of the things I like most about…watching my articles or stories make their way toward the number one spot. Also, lots of topics are provided for the writer, or you can create any topic you like. I’m off there now to rate some articles posted by members of the site. Come on over and check it out.

Stretching my wings

My following of one, seems to have abandoned me…oh well. I’m enjoying my return to Cruising the boards reminded me why they have been voted as one of the 101 best web sites for writers for the last several years. The site is fun, informative and has the most encouraging group of writers and readers this side of (also a favorite of mine). I encourage anyone who finds my blog to check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Also, I wanted to mention, for you writers who struggle financially, I’ve found a great FREE writing program at The site has other great FREE programs to aide a writer.

I’m off to do some writing…

Looking back…

I come a long way, baby.
I’ve considered changing my blog title for 2008, to reflect a more active writing life. The end of 2007 turned out to be one of the most productive writing periods in my life to date. Looking back at all those years of fear and false starts made me realize that my procrastination stemmed, not from laziness, but from a sense of unworthiness. I’ve come to realize, I am my own worst enemy. In other words, I’ve always carried a sense of never feeling I was good enough at anything to merit recognition.
Even though, I know I still have a lot to learn, in order to improve my craft, I am a good writer. And, more importantly, I have something to say that others want to hear. So, I decided to keep my blog title because by it’s very nature, it forced me to write. I also intend to re-visit my old friends at and re-new friendships I made years ago with a wonderful group of writers who gave me the courage to put myself “out there” and take the chance at success or failure.
Also, (I can’t say this enough) thank you Tess, for having faith in me when I couldn’t find it for myself.

The Endings and Beginnings

Another ghost of Christmas Past is laid to rest and the New Year is upon us. Two-thousand, eight is dawning bright, clear and cold and most people are glad to see the last of 2007. I’ve made several resolutions for this year (I do every year), but I feel an excitement noticeably absent in previous years. This year I am a published writer making money with my craft. NUFF SAID!