Writers can have problems too!

I do have legitimate reasons why I don’t write everyday. Some might snort and say “yeah right” while shaking their heads knowingly. Seriously, my two main reasons are pain and depression. I do take medications to help control both, but the pain meds are strong enough to muddle my thinking if I take enough to actually help. Recently, I became insulin resistant and had to be hospitalized in order to get my glucose levels down to a normal level. It was dangerously high at 600. Normal levels run 80-120.

The reason I became resistant to insulin is directly related to the steroid shots given in my L5/S1 spinal region. I was administered the series of shots (three a year) within a 6 week period. They did NOT help. I’m also trying to deal with nerve damage to this area. I have nerve root compression which makes itself evident with a stabbing/burning pain in my legs. It also causes tingling and numbness. And yet..yet, I still feel guilty when I don’t write. I feel like I’m letting myself, all my friends and family (all who believe in me) down. I remind myself that I’m disabled. If I were not, perhaps I would be able to do this full time. But I am disabled and I’ll just have to try to work through the pain.