My Personal Writing Struggles

Story Structure…What does this mean?

Put simply, all this means is plotting the story before it is written. It involves asking yourself many questions about your main character, impact character and their goals. Asking questions about what kind of story you want to tell , what you want to happen in the story, and obstacles you want your characters to overcome (the more the better). Once you know as much about these elements as possible, then you arrange them into plot points that will best describe the story you want to tell.

However, there are many writers that feel this method of plotting the story beforehand inhibits their creativity. And so they proceed straight to the writing and trust that their muse will lead them in the right direction. I recommend trying both to decide what works best for you.

I’m reading a book now that I know will be very helpful in my journey to become a better writer.
“Story Structure Architect” by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D.

I purchased my copy by way of Barnes & Noble.

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