Happier Times On The Way?

Well, that last entry was rather glum was it not?
I think the past couple of years have taught me happiness is not something that just happens. If I didn’t know this little pearl of wisdom before, I know it now. Happiness has to be consciously worked at until it manifests into your existence. We are told that God will not put anything more upon us than we can handle. Their are those among us like my mother, who has had to deal with much sorrow in her life and has managed to hang on to her unquestioning faith. I love and admire her with everything that is in me. I wish, I could say that I have no questions. I have many and few answers. The one thing I am absolutely positive about is that there is one true God and He is in control of everything. And just maybe, we are not meant to understand some things. I suppose that brings us back to faith.
Are happier times in the mix for me? I’m working on it…