Blowing Hot & Cold

Blowing hot and cold…an expression I hoped never to apply to myself, but that is exactly what I have been doing with my writing. I’m always thinking of writing; though, everything I hear and see, I think about how it can be applied to a story or character/situation in a novel. Sometimes I get a chance to write it down, sometimes not, and when I do write, I exhaust myself. Then nothing, for a good long while. I blame most of this inability to commit…to just plain laziness, or possibly fear.

Fear? What is there to fear, you ask? Failure, success, maybe…neither, or just a lot of hard work. Did I mention I am disabled? You see me smirking, don’t you? That’s just a cop-out, you say? Or, am I talking to myself again…

I did want to use this particular post to give anyone who reads my blog a few web sites that I find interesting and might be helpful to any potential writers. Also, at the bottom of my blog you will find some current writing contests.

Agent Blogs:

In my next post, I’ll provide more sites useful to writers.