A Response to the Response(s) to Perry Noble and NewSpring Church

A Response to the Response(s) to Perry Noble and NewSpring Church.


‘A Split-Second in Time’ A short story by Author Adam Gainer

If you like unusual settings and great twists in reading material, check out authoradamgainer short story and blog.

Thoughts from Author Adam Gainer

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I must apologize for the absence, there is no real excuse. No, I haven’t quit writing (I don’t think any man or God could ever stop me from doing that) I have just been busy, both with writing and life both during the holidays and afterward. It happens, and will likely happen in the future. The goal is to make it happen as infrequent as possible, and to keep putting as much good work for you, the reader, to enjoy. Which brings me to what we are really here for; the story.

Here is something I wrote that I would love some feedback on…In fact, I would love the feedback so much, that I will leave it up to you to decide, whether or not, this story will be continued. I feel there may be a place for it – I certainly feel that…

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