Freeing the writer within…

Hello WordPress Land of Writers,

The writer within me is a timid creature, easily silenced by my inner critic-as in, my evil and needs to be destroyed, inner critic. In all fairness, I can not blame everything on her, because, I have all kinds of nasty habits, all conspiring to keep me from doing what I’m driven to do; be a successful writer. My Good writing day begins like this…I wake up.

Seriously though, I do wake up and I’m usually babbling some line of dialogue, describing scenery or setting just as if I were reading from some work already published. Am I a “freak of nature” or does this happen with anyone else? Anyway, I never get it all written down because one of my more irritating habits kicks in. I inevitably stop to correct a misspelled word or maybe my sentence sounded awkward, so I revised the offending line of misplaced words. This interrupts my flow, my train of thought, it flits and flutters away like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon never to be seen again; it gets lost in the sea of other butterflies also doing the emerging thing.

I’ve read many-too many-books on writing and I know not to give in to these aberrations, I know to just keep writing and correct everything during the re-write. I KNOW THIS! And yet…Yes, I’m doing it now. How embarrassing for me. I can feel the heat in my face.